Day - Dreamer Coffee Company was founded in 2016 with a simple goal: bring the highest quality coffee and goods to those who choose every day to make their dreams a reality. For those who treat obstacles as hurdles, who get up before the sun rises and sleep long after it sets, who only accept setbacks, not failures. When I first moved to NYC in 2013, I was a slave to the same few commercial shops and at one point buying instant coffee thinking I could get the same result (go ahead, it's ok to laugh.) As I began working more & more with specialty coffee, I realized how rewarding the experience can be, and that the seemingly impossible feat of making excellent coffee in the same amount of time as a machine was indeed not only possible, but became one of my favorite parts of the day. I hope you enjoy everything Day - Dreamer has to offer as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. 

Drink Coffee. Dream On. 

-  Jonathan Freeland